School Counselors Want to Know How to Enhance
Students' Intrinsic Motivation to Change and Achieve

Consultation & Training Services from Dr. Kathy Biles and Dr. Gene Eakin

Gene and Kathy have had 1,500 counselors attend their workshops, conferences, classes on Enhancing Intrinsic Motivation to Change and Achieve in Oregon, Washington, Texas, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. When they ask workshop participants why they chose to attend Enhancing Intrinsic Motivation to Change and Achieve, school counselors have said:
I am going into my second year at a high school in New Jersey and 40% of my seniors are starting their senior year needing to take additional credits. How can I motivate them to pass all of their classes and their extra classes too? How can I motivate my 9th-11th graders to pass their classes so they do not end up in this predicament.

Something happens to many of our students between grades three and four. Kids who were motivated in the third grade seem to quit trying in the fourth grade. I want to change that.

I am an elementary school counselor and I am using the ASCA National Model. I have classroom lessons in the personal-social domain and the career domain but I need more ideas for the academic domain.

Ninth graders - what do we do with ninth graders? I know that 20%-25% of my ninth graders will earn two or more Fs at every grading period. I want to work with our ninth grade house teachers so more of our ninth graders pass their core classes.
Too many sixth graders entering our middle school seem to have given up on academics and their dreams for their life. How can we help them see that education is the key to hope for a better life and for achieving their dreams?

We Can Help

We believe
That knowing how to motivate yourself to accomplish your goals and make changes in your life is an "emotional intelligence" critical to success in school and in life. K-16 education must teach students how to motivate themselves to make changes in their lives and to achieve their goals.

We commit
To provide students, educators, and parents with a variety of approaches to enhancing students' intrinsic motivation to achieve so students may more readily accomplish their personal, career/educational, and academic goals.