Dr. Kathy Biles

Kathy is the coordinator of the School Counselor Education program at Oregon State University - Cascades Campus. OSU Cascades is a fairly new campus in central Oregon and the MS in Counseling Program is in its fourth year. Kathy has contributed significantly to making the School and Community Counseling Program the success it is at OSU Cascades . Among her contributions are making the important Counselor Education and School District connections in Central Oregon and advancing the Oregon Framework for Comprehensive School Counseling and the Transforming School Counseling Model through these connections.

Kathy has worked in an Upward Bound program and as a middle school and high school counselor. Her passion is to see all youth excel in academics and also fulfill their personal/social and educational/career goals. She has worked with students from all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds in developing and building student resiliency. As part of this work, she has used motivational interviewing with middle school students remanded to her substance abuse counseling group.

Kathy now teaches motivational interviewing strategies in her Addictions Counseling classes at Oregon State University and then mentors her students in the use of these strategies in academic counseling at their internship sites. She believes that integrating motivational interviewing with bibliotherapy and narrative therapy has great potential in providing academic counseling interventions for school counselors, administrators, college counselors and career counselors. This belief comes from her twenty eight years of working with people from all walks of life and experiencing the amazing capacity people have for change and growth.

Dr. Gene Eakin

Gene completed his 28th year as a school counselor by working part-time at West Salem High School in Salem, OR (2006-08). He is in his 19th year as a part-time or full-time counselor educator. He is currently teaching classes in the Transforming School Counseling Program at Lewis and Clark College and serving as part-time School Counseling Program Lead at Oregon State University.

Gene’s inspiration for Enhancing Intrinsic Motivation to Change and Achieve stems from his 23 years as the Department Head of Counseling at Lebanon High School and the challenge he and his staff experienced with 30%-35% of their 9th graders off track for graduation at the end of the 9th grade year. When Gene first started learning about the Transtheoretical Model of Change and Motivational Interviewing, he knew immediately that though the research base for each had been established in the health-risk behavior field, that each could be applied to working with students who were struggling academically.

Gene’s Ph.D. focused on human wellness and organizational wellness. He is a certified Psychology of Mind Practitioner – an innate health and resiliency model utilized by the National Resilience Resource Center in schools in Minnesota and Wisconsin. He is a graduate of the Art of Behavior Change Counseling Level I and II –using motivational interviewing for health-behavior change. He has received professional recognition from the Lebanon Chamber of Commerce, the Oregon School Counseling Association, the Oregon Counseling Association, and the Oregon Career Development Association.

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